See what our attendees say about GMS event

“The GMS show provides a very focused setting for messaging companies to meet, interact and share experiences and trends in this niche communication market”.
Thomas J. D'AuriomGage LLC
“It was a really nice event and I’d like to wish you to keep the same level of quality, hospitality and have more attendees in the upcoming events! Warm regards from Speedflow”.
Nata EllisSpeedflow
“Great atmosphere, people and location! Loved to be with everyone”.
“Great event – one stop shop for SMS + VAS providers”.
ARUN JETHIBankai Group
“Thank you GMS for a wonderfully productive conference. As a company just launching in the telecom industry, we have found the conference to be a perfect introduction. It has also allowed us to connect with others, which may have proven difficult at conferences to come. The intimate and professional environment has helped us make some really worthwhile contacts”.
“Thanks organizers for GMS conference. It’s a good beginning before ITW event, where SMS companies can meet and discuss business in very quiet and relax atmosphere. And very good lunch by the way. The only thing that you could probably improve is air conditioning, it was cold even in the jacket. Thanks a lot”.
“Great event! Very welcoming staff and organisation. Thank you GMS”.
“Really efficient event at a great location. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality”.
Monne SombroekMessagebird
“Congratulations! Amazing! Good luck! Bravo!”
FLORENCE SébastienFSE Consulting
“The perfect place for the efficient meetings. Keep on being professional and friendly as you are!”
Miroslava IvantsovaIntis Telecom
“The event has brought my attention to new opportunities, which I will take forward. The organizers did a great job in creating the optimal environment doing the whole day”.
Malik Al JackIntegrated Digital Technologies
“Great event, more personal communication than other events’. A lot of opportunities to make real business relations”.
José Beauperthuy C3ntro Telecom